“In her Alexander sessions, Ruth provides an oasis of calm and serenity. Bit by bit I feel she is retraining my body to relax and let go of the aches and pains that accompany stress. It is not a quick fix. It is a gentle recalibration. And I notice my lower back ache has all but gone after a few sessions. With each session, I feel equilibrium being slowly restored. I leave more centred and a little straighter and taller! Thank you Ruth!” Gina N.

“Ruth has a very gentle non-invasive approach, yet you feel in secure hands. I was surprised how the simple approach to the body was able to reach deeper parts of the self and all that effortlessly. After relatively few sessions, I found my whole nervous system quietened down. Life in the big city was suddenly more tolerable. I think the Alexander technique is a must for modern life. I can highly recommend Ruth.“ Jim F.

“I am suffering from asthma and from lower back pain which makes an unholy combination. After a session with Ruth, I can breathe more freely, and walk a bit taller and with less pain. It is an ongoing process, but I certainly can feel the continuous improvement within myself. I appreciate Ruth’s gentle approach, her fluidity, and her deep understanding. She is a lovely teacher to have, and I am looking forward to many more lessons with her. Thank you Ruth!” Andrea F.

“I find Ruth to be a calm and warm person. Her way of using the Alexander Technique makes me feel safe and heard. It makes me appreciate the impact of this type of work not just on my body and posture but on my mental and emotional health. I always feel more present after a session with her, as if I processed stuff that I didn’t even realise were there before the session. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to friends and family. Thank you, Ruth.” Michael E.

I have been working with Ruth online for the past few months. I appreciate her calm demeanour and gentle approach to the Alexander technique. She helps me to find calm in my body and notice where I hold tension.

I originally came to get help with wrist pain from playing the Ukulele - as many musicians recommend AT. In reality, she has been helping me to notice and release throughout my entire body. I did not fully understand the holistic nature of AT before I started.

Her approach in particular has been useful for not only my physical health but also my mental health, as she guides me each session to reconnect to my body even as I have difficult emotional responses at times. I appreciate Ruth's patience and professionalism as she guides me each session. She is very good at acknowledging what she can and cannot do as an Alexander practitioner, yet the effects of her work with me go beyond my expectations. I highly recommend working with her, even if you are only able to do online sessions like me.Blair H.

“During my preparation for a lecture performance, I participated in two online sessions with Ruth. Our work together brought me peace, trust and a sense of connectedness. This stayed with me throughout the lecture. This was an amazing and wonderful experience.” Sabine S.

“I came to Ruth with lower back pain. Because of Covid, we could only do online sessions at first, but even those were very intense. However, the real "magic" of the Alexander Technique unfolded in the live sessions in her studio. Under Ruth's sensitive guidance, I have learned to look at myself and my patterns in a new way. There was a noticeable reduction in my pain and I have since applied many of the insights to my day-to-day life. I look forward to many more sessions with Ruth.” Ulrich K.